WeiChanghui Changhui & Wei's lovely wedding

Love Story

The story of Changhui and Wei started with an oversea phone call, which made them roommates. Despite Wei's moving out shortly after, their love started to grow. One year later, they held hands together for the first time at the beautiful Yosemite. On a lovely mid-autumn night, she said yes to the lucky guy. From then on, there is one more happy couple in the world. They travelled together and enjoyed wonderful lives. At the end of the year of dragon, the boy from Chengdu and the girl from Beijing got married, under the blessing from their friends.

Our Wedding

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Sweet Newlyweds

The groom

I am so grateful to have a beautiful, smart, lovely and virtuous wife, who makes me happy every second. I want to say to her, with the simplest words:
I love you!! Forever ~~~~

Thank all my friends and wish everyone a happy life like us.

The bride

I want to thank my husband for this delightful wedding, and the gorgeous veil. Thanks to our professional and conscientious photographer Xiao Chang who took many great photos despite the rain, alongside the lake, and on campus. Thank all our supportive families and friends who witnessed this small but sweet wedding. Also, thanks to all the blessing from families and friends near by and far away, to share our happiness.